Group Travel Idea

As you already know, I love to travel.  It’s my favorite way to broaden my worldview, try new things, and recharge from the monotony of life.  I also like to trip plan. Spreadsheets, reservations, the whole thing.

Not a postcard, just Cinque Terres, Italy.

So, as you may have noticed on my social media accounts, these two interests have morphed into the idea that I could venture into travel coordinating as a way to share my knowledge and interest with others.  On Saturday I posted a little feeler, checking to see if this idea is by any means worth pursuing. Thank you for everyone who responded with positivity. It feels like a little green light to take this to the next step.

And, the next step is a survey.

Sunshine, chipped nails, and gelato in Italy.

What I would like to offer is a trip package– including a daily itinerary, flights, in country transportation costs, accommodations, tour bookings, and possibly some meals.  However, there are a million directions a trip could go, both literally and figuratively. Ideal trip length, budget, size, and destination are all to be considered.   Currently I’m thinking that a good trial run of this idea would be a girls’ trip to Italy. I’m thinking 8-12 people. I’m thinking 1 week or so. I’m thinking this July or August. But I know that if it’s going to happen, I have to get it together soon.

My sisters and I in the noonday Florentine sun.

For this reason I have created a survey.  If you are in the least bit interested in this idea, now or in the future, please please please complete the survey.  It should take about 5 minutes to complete, so do it now before you forget!

Here’s the link. 

I will keep this link open through Saturday, at which point I will decide if there is enough interest in the same kind of trip to proceed with planning. If so, I will formulate a package and begin the registration process. The last step, of course, in this great scheme is to take the trip!

Thank you again for responding.  I’m excited to see where this idea goes!