About Me

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Hello.  My name is Camille.  Like you, I work a full time job and store away my dreams of travel.  But sometimes, when life feels especially rich, I get to take out those dreams and try them on for size.  Turns out, I love to travel and when I can’t travel, I love to talk about it.  So I started a blog.  My goal of this blog is two-fold; 1. a creative process for myself, 2. to entertain, inspire, and inform you!  I like to argue that travel is worth it.  It has value and is possible.  Maybe not all the time, or every year, or every decade, but still worth it and still possible.  Every good thing in moderation.  

About me:  The short version is that I’m a full time speech therapist and a part time traveler.  I currently live in Brooklyn, New York but I’m from the Midwest.  I’m not really sure when travel became a thing in my life.  I grew up riding to Iowa with my family every summer to visit my mom’s grandparents but the first trip I planned was my senior spring break trip to Sarasota, FL.  I managed to squeeze in some destinations during college but my passport really got a boost when I graduated, adding 17 countries and several stateside cities to the list since then.  I tend to be a little type A in that I like lists and planning but city living and globe traipsing have taught me a lot about flexibility and resilience.

About this blog:  I started blogging when I moved to New York City in 2012.  If you want to know my ramblings on cultural adjustments from the Midwest to the urban east coast, how I survived graduate school, or general postings about things to do in the city, you can read them here.   As you will see if you bother to read said blog, my content began to shift from life to travels.  And since I like to keep things organized, I decided to separate the two.  Enter, pañuelo world.