A Chile Fall

{Originally posted May 4, 2016 @thethingaboutchange.wordpress.com} Last week I went to Chile for Spring break.  It was a sister/cousin girl trip to visit my cousin Carissa while she still lives there.  Not to mention it helped me knock off 2 times from my 30 x 30 list (cross the equator and travel with my sisters). … Continue reading A Chile Fall

Washington, D.C.: A Capital Adventure

{Originally posted November 5, 2013 @thethingaboutchange.wordpress.com} A good adventure is always well documented.  And since (apparently) my form of travel documentation takes a public forum- I think it's time to begin. Setting: Washington, D.C. Characters: Emily and Camille. Cousins. Separated by one calendar year, and 4 hours of bus miles. Plot: Camille travels (alone) to … Continue reading Washington, D.C.: A Capital Adventure